Analysis of volatile compounds from Angelica seeds obtained by headspace method

Acimovica M. Cvetkovicb M.


The study was performed in order to determine the profile of volatile components of the garden angelica (Angelica archangelica L.) and wild angelica (A. sylvestris L.) seeds. The volatile ingredients were isolated by headspace techniques and analyzed by means of gas chromatography‒flame ionization detector (GC‒FID) and gas chromatography‒mass spectrometry (GC‒MS). It was found that A. archangelica seed consists of 29 components among which the dominant is b‒phellandrene (84.7%), followed by α‒phellandrene (3.4%), α‒pinene (2.5%), myrcene (2.1%) and α‒copaene (1.3%). However, the A. sylvestris seed consists of 22 volatile compounds, and the dominant are limonene (62.7%) and α‒pinene (28.0%), followed by camphene (2.6%), α‒phellandrene (2.0%) and b‒pinene (1.0%).




Angelica archangelica, Angelica sylvestris, headspace, seeds, volatile compounds

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