The Interest of phytovigilance in the prevention of adverse reactions bound to the use of Medicinal plants

zitouni Z Hanane


The phytovigilance is a discipline that has a main objective the monitoring of adverse effects and drug interactions consecutive to the use of herbal medicines, food supplements based on plants, and phytocosmetic and/or medicinal plants. The existence of risks of toxicity or pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic drug interactions between a plant and an allopathic medicinal or between related plants has required the existence of a monitoring system for this type of products; further international guidelines have defined this discipline as a legal obligation. Two phytovigilance observations were collected at the university hospital of Oran. They encourage strengthening phytovigilance strategies, sensitizing medical staff to systematically incorporate in its diagnostic approach the possibility of a toxic effect of herbal medicines or a drug interaction and drawing population attention to the danger of the irrational and excessive use of these plants.



phytovigilance; medicinal plants

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