Effects of water stress on the morphophysiological and biochemical parameters of rosemary under a glass greenhouse


  • M. Chetouani Laboratory of Biology of Plants and Microorganisms, Faculty of Sciences, Oujda




Drought is a limiting factor affecting agricultural production globally, particularly in arid and semi-arid regions. It is estimated that more than 800 million hectares of land worldwide are affected by abiotic stress. Morocco, through its floristic diversity, is required to optimize the production and multiplication of its plant resources with a view to sustainability for future generations.

As part of the study of the effect of water stress on the physiological, morphological and biochemical behaviors of the plant, we were interested in Rosmarinus officinalis given its medicinal, aromatic and socio-economic interests in order to evaluate its tolerance to water stress at juvenile and adult stages by applying three water treatments: 100, 60 and 20% ET0.

Rosemary's tolerance to water stress was well evaluated in this study and showed that this species is relatively tolerant to water stress at moderate degrees






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