Morphological Features of Thymus laevigatus Vahl a Medicinal Plant in Yemen

Younis Ahmed Humaid, Mansoor Abdul Halim Al-Thobhani


Thymus laevigatus Vahl (Lamiaceae) is an endemic subshrub plant with a herbaceous shape that grows wild in higher mountainous regions in the Northern part of Yemen. Its aerial parts are used locally as an appetizer and in folk medicine. It is used to treat cough and pharyngitis. The identity, conservation, usage and geographical distribution of this species, unlike most other species in the Thymus genus, has not received extensive studies. This study aimed to determine detailed morphological features of T. laevigatus grown in Yemen, to facilitate differentiation and identification of its medicinal raw parts. Fresh specimens from five different natural populations grown in five different locations were morphologically studied. Fresh specimens of the whole plant, stem, leaf, inflorescence and flower parts were compared. Results showed that T. laevigatus is a perennial and subshrub with a herbaceous shape. The stem is repent, monopodial plagiotropic growth and pubescence on all four faces. The leaf is simple with an entire margin. Blade shape differs clearly between specimens collected from different locations. It was observed to be either oblanceolate or oblance-ovate. The inflorescence is capitate type. Bracts are similar to upper leaves in shape, but smaller in size. However, the bracts are distinguished by the presence of tall multicellular trichomes in the lower two-thirds of their blade's edges. The calyx is tubular-campanulate, while the corolla is a campanula-tubular with hairy tube. Corolla's color is either white or pale pink. The results obtained can be used for the development of herbal medicinal plants' regulatory documents in Yemen.


Endemic; Medicinal raw parts; Morphological features; Thymus laevigatus

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