Antibacterial, antioxidant, wound healing activities and stop-bleeding effect of methanolic extract of Tridax procumbens L. leaves

Ammar mohammed ahmed ali, Methaq nasser algabr, Najeeb yahia lutf al-surmi, Aziza mohammed taj aldeen, Hussein mohammed sogil


Tridax procumbens is a leafy herb commonly used in different traditional treatments in many countries including Yemen. The main aim of the present study is evaluating some specific biological activities (antibacterial, antiradical, wound healing potential and stop- bleeding effect) of methanolic (MeOH) extract of T. procumbens leaves collected from Yemen. Antibacterial effect was examined by paper disc diffusion method against different bacterial species, antioxidant was evaluated in vitro against 1,1-diphenyl-2-picryhydrazyl (DPPH) radicals, wound healing and stop-bleeding were evaluated in experimental animals. Phytochemicals were screened by qualitative standard methods. Results showed that, MeOH extract of T. procumbens exhibited a strong anti-DPPH radical effect with IC50 value 151.23 µg/mL. Antibacterial activity was only observed against Klebsiella pneumoniae with the highest inhibition zone 16 mm by 100 mg/mL of extract. Completely healing for wounds treated with 50 mg/mL, 25mg/mL and 12.5mg/mL of extract was observed on the 11th day of treatment and the treatment applications with plant extract (50 mg/mL, 25mg/mL and 12.5mg/mL) significantly (P<0.05) reduced the time of bleeding by 50% compare to control. Major bioactive phytochemicals were detected in MeOH extract of T. procumbens. The obtained results in this study indicated that, T. procumbens could be used as natural source for many forms of pharmacological preparations. Further clinical and toxicological studies are recommended.


Biological activities, Phytochemicals, Tridax procumbens, methanolic extract

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