Antiulcer activity of Moroccan Artemisia campestris L. subsp. glutinosa against ethanol-induced gastric ulcer in Mice.

Mohammed AZIZ, Mohamed Marghich, Nour Elhouda Daoudi, Samira Mamri, Hassane Mekhfi, Abderrahim Ziyyat, Mohamed Bnouham


Artemisia campestris L. subsp. glutinosa is a plant growing in Morocco and widely used in traditional medicine as a beneficial remedy for the digestive system. The present study was carried out to evaluate the antiulcer activity of aqueous extract (AEAc) and ethanolic extract of this plant (EEAc) using an experimental model not previously tested against ethanol-induced gastric ulcer and acute toxicity in mice. The gastric lesion was assessed by ulcer area, ulcer index, prevention index, histopathological examination, and malondialdehyde (MDA) determination. Administered of AEAc and EEAc at a dose of 100, 200, 400 mg/kg before ethanol ingestion significantly inhibited gastric ulcers. AEAc and EEAc induced a significant decrease in the ulcer area compared to the control group. The preventive index of different doses of both extracts is almost similar to that of Omeprazole. These results were confirmed by a decrease in mucosal thickness in the group treated with the plant in the histological study and the decrease in MDA level in the group treated with the plant compared to the control ulcer group. The acute toxicity study revealed no abnormal sign or death to the mice treated with 4g/kg and 8 g/kg of both extracts. These findings confirm the traditional use of Artemisia campestris L. subsp. glutinosa as a gastro-protective agent.


Acute toxicity, Antiulcer, Artemisia campestris L., Gastric Ulcer, Gastro-protective.

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