The use of Ulva lactuca seaweed for post harvesting control of Penicillium digitatum in citrus fruits

Josephine AL ALAM, Douaa Salim, Ziad Fajloun, Maurice Millet, Asma Chbani


Seaweed liquid extracts (SLE) were assessed as natural antifungal products for the control of the post-harvest citrus green mold Penicillium digitatum. The SLE of a green alga, Ulva lactuca, at different concentration (25, 50, 100 and 200 g L-1) were evaluated for their inhibitory potential of the in vivo development of P. digitatum on fresh oranges and of the in vitro conidia germination and tube elongation of the mold on potato dextrose broth (PDB). The study of their effects on fungus viability on malt extract agar (MEA) was also evaluated. The results revealed that the assessed SLE at 50 and 100 g L-1 allowed a potential inhibition of the fungus viability and development. The U. lactuca liquid extract at 50 g L-1 allowed a complete in vivo protection of the oranges from the mold for the total duration of the study and a 90 % inhibition of spore germination. Moreover, the chemical characterization of the extract showed valuable content in polysaccharides and mainly in ulvan, known for its antifungal effects. These findings could be highly promising to develop an eco-friendly, safe and effective product for citrus fruit post-harvesting protection.


seaweed liquid extracts; algae; Ulva lactuca; Penicillium digitatum; postharvest protection

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