A phytopharmacological review on an important indigenous medicinal plant Hyoscyamus gallagheri

Dr. Amzad Hossain, Jaroof Al-Touby Salem Said


Since the ancient time, medicinal plants play a central role in the day-to-day life of humankind as crucial additive agents in foods, drinks and drugs and also as components in perfumes and cosmetics. The nutritional, pharmacological, biological and toxicological properties of the medicinal plants also have extensive applications. Globally, the majority of people nowadays rely on alternative and complementary medicines as safe sources for the treatment of various ailments obtained from natural sources. Plenty of plant and marine sources are available worldwide including the Sultanate of Oman with notable medicinal values. Hyoscyamus gallagheri (H. gallagheri), is one of the leafy plants grown in the desert areas of the Sultanate of Oman which belongs to the family of Solanaceae. Omanis have used the selected plant species traditionally to increase hair density, hair fall, dental pain, relieve snake bite, scorpion sting pain, motion sickness, asthma and cough. This plant is considered as a new species because still now there is no evidence on phytochemicals, pharmacological and toxicological studies available of the selected species. Previously, our group from Nizwa University has conducted two studies on the pharmacological and phytochemicals of the selected plant species and the results showed that the plant extracts contain different groups of phytochemicals, which possess notable biological activity. This present review is to summarize the updated scientific information available on the selected plant species grown in Oman. Therefore, the main objective of this current review is to compare and contrast the morphology, toxicity, pharmacological activity, phytochemicals, potential uses with other species belong to this family including the selected plant species of H. gallagheri. In conclusion, the raw plant materials, its crude extracts and isolated ingredients might be used as a novel therapeutic or herbal medicine to treat various ailments.


Hyoscyamus gallagheri; Solanaceae; Morphological study; Phytochemicals; Pharmacological activities; Oman

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.48347/IMIST.PRSM/ajmap-v7i3.26721

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