Comparative Study and GC/MS Analyses of Oleo-Gum Resins extracts obtained from Boswellia papyrifera (Tarak tarak)

Eltayeb Fadul FadulAllA, Ghada Ibrahim Mustafa, Abdalla Abdelsamad Abdalla2, Khojali Elnour Ahmed, Aisha Zoheir Al-magboul


Three samples of oleogum resins of Boswellia papyrifera grown in some parts of the Sudan were subjected to screening with the objective of evaluating phytochemical constituents of their extracts (petroleum ether, and methanol) as well as their acid fractions. Gas chromatography/Mass spectrometry (GC/MS) analysis revealed that the main components in the petroleum ether extracts were sequentially naphtho [1, 2-b] furan-2-one (24.23%), oleic acid (22.39%) and octadecanoic acid (20.45%), whereas the principal chemical compounds in the methanolic extracts were lycopene (13.78%), oleic acid (28.60%) and benzoic acid (26.90%). The dominant molecule in the acid fractions of both Kordofan and Damazine samples was hexadecanoic acid (16.46% and 23.33%, respectively), while that from Nagawa olibanum was oleic acid (15.34%).


Boswellia papyrifera; chemical composition; boswellic acid; resins.

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