Morphological, ethnobotanical, Pharmacognostical and pharmacological studies on the medicinal plant Plumeria alba linn. (apocynaceae)

Mohd Imrana, Mohammad Asif


Plants have varieties of compounds like glycosides, alkaloids, terpenoids, steroids, which possess important diverse pharmacological activities to alleviate various diseases and disorders. Plants are vital source of drugs from the ancient time asset the scenario of the Indian system of medicine. The medicinal value of Plumeria species in the treatment of various human ailments is mentioned in Ayurveda, Charaka Samhita, and Sushrita Samhita. This alternative system of medicine is gaining increasing popularity worldwide. Plumeria alba Linn. (Apocynaceae) is an important shrub and widely used in perfumery and used in different traditional systems of medicine in the treatment of various diseases. The plant is mainly grown for its ornamental and fragrant flowers. This paper enumerates the pharmacognostical, morphological and ethnobotanical importance of the P. alba, which may help the researchers to set their minds for approaching the usefulness, efficacy and potency. The P. alba is small laticiferous tree or shrub is a native of tropical America, commonly known as White Champa. Leaves arrangement is lanceolate to oblanceolate with white flowers, fragrant in corymbose fascicles and fruit is edible. Leaves and stem were tested for its phytoconstituents, which are used in several traditional medicines to cure various diseases like purgative, cardiotonic, diuretic, and hypotensive. Their medicinal actions are often due to their latex which is commonly drastic and corrosive. Latex is applied to ulcers, herpes, and scabies. Seeds possess hemostatic actions and bark is bruised and applied as plaster over hard tumors.


Ethnobotanicals, phytochemistry, pharmacognostical, pharmacological activities, Plumeria alba

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