Drying kinetics and mathematical modeling of Moroccan Peppermint tea (Mentha Piperita)

MACHHOUR Hasna, IDLIMAM Ali, MAHROUZ Mostapha Mostapha, KOUHILA Mohamed, SAMRI Salah Eddine


Peppermint leaves (Mentha x piperita L.) washed with water or citric acid solution () were dried under open sun. The drying kinetics on a thin layer of peppermint tea was studied at temperature of 80 °C and at drying air velocities of. An indirect forced convective solar dryer in continuous was used in the experiments. The drying time is almost identical for the pilot and treated peppermint tea. It is 80 min. Ten mathematical models have been used for describing the drying curves. The Wang and Singh models showed the best fitting of experimental data of treated peppermint tea with citric acid solution and diffusion approach model is the best to describe the drying curves of peppermint tea washed with distilled water. 




Mentha Piperita; Solar drying; Drying kinetics; Modelling

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.48347/IMIST.PRSM/ajmap-v5i2.16483

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