Morphogenetic Variation for Essential Oil Content and Composition of Sage (Salvia officinalis L.) In Çukurova Condition

Tuncay ÇALIŞKAN, Hasan MARAL, Cemre PALA, Ebru KAFKAS, Saliha Saliha KIRICI


This study was carried out in 2016 in the Research Area of the Cukurova University Faculty of Agriculture Field Crops Research to determine the morphogenetic variation in yield and essential oil content and composition in Salvia officinalis L... Field trial was arranged randomized complete block design, with three replications. Seed of sage was sowing at December 17, 2015 in the greenhouse. Seedling was transferred to field at March 31, 2016. The plants were harvested on November 29, 2016. After harvest, imminently all plant material were separated into three part, lower (1/3), middle (1/3) and upper (1/3) for morphogenetic variation and fresh herb weight were determined for each part.  The following results were obtained: plant height (37.28 – 52.84 cm), fresh herbage yield (608-822 kg da−1), drug herbage yield (236-259 kg da−1) and essential oil content (1.65 – 2.32 %). The highest essential oil content was obtained as 2.32 % from upper part of plant.  The lowest one (1.65%) was obtained from lower parts.


Sage; Salvia officinalis L.; morphogenetic variation; essential oil

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