Strengthening the Eastern Africa Land Administration Network (SEALAN) project in enhancing inter-university collaboration in land administration Eastern Africa

Monica Lengoiboni, Katcho Karume, David Siriba, Ronald Ssengendo, Josam Potel, Christiaan Lemmen, Jaap Zevenbergen


The Eastern Africa Land Administration Network has since 2006 been collaborating in the development of education, short courses for land professionals and research in the eastern Africa region. This study presents the establishment and activities of a project on Strengthening the network and draws on results from the projects’ four work packages: i) the Network and Secretariat; ii) Short courses for land professionals; iii) Education and iv) Research. Processes, achievements, innovations, challenges and opportunities along each work package is reported. This study suggests that inter-university networks can play a major role in collaboratively developing, revising and updating curricula whilst promoting innovations in education, teaching and learning through staff and student exchange, research, and community outreach. Administrators of educational institutions and partners will find this study useful. For example, the network’s success has caught the attention of international partners who are replicating similar networks across the African continent.


University Network; inter-university collaboration; land administration education; Eastern Africa Land Administration Network (EALAN), land governance

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