The Need for Spatial Data Infrastructure for Sustainable Development in Tanzania

Zakaria Robert Ngereja


This paper explores the use of spatial data in Tanzania, it underscores the reasons for lagging in the establishment of National Spatial Data Infrastructure. Using documentary analysis, strategically designed interviews, and questionnaires; data were collected from the spatial data user community in Tanzania.  Upon simple analysis of the data, the following were the findings: Firstly, it has been revealed that spatial data is not well managed, reused nor shared. Secondly, there are difficulties in the availability and accessibility of spatial data. Thirdly, lack of coordination and collaboration in spatial data collection, management, and sharing.  Coordination and collaboration is a necessity for the country to fully and effectively utilize the huge spatial data scattered in various organizations. The country should use its national IT infrastructure, namely; the National Internet Data Centre and eGovernment Agency to create a common gateway for spatial data discovery and sharing. Finally, all stakeholders should be fully involved to establish NSDI for the benefit of the country's sustainable economic development


Spatial Data Infrastructure; Spatial data; Geospatial Governance;Spatial enablement

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