Development of a Landmark Land Use and Management Framework for Liberia

Ellen Pratt


In October 2016 the Liberia Land Authority (LLA|) was legislated as the Nation’s first one-stop-shop for land management and administration. The LLA has the statutory mandate to administer land administration across the nation. The Authority is charged with supporting the development of a National Land Use and Management Agenda. This process commenced with the development of a National Land Use and Management Framework, especially poignant with the passage of Liberia’s landmark Land Rights Legislation, which advocates for the development of land management plans for all customary communities nationwide.


The Framework development process included the development of a comprehensive work plan, regional field visits to three of Liberia’s fifteen counties to conduct consultations with local stakeholders, interview opinion leaders and other relevant focus groups. Next was a national consultation in the Capital City, followed by analysis of the data. The final phase included evaluation, report writing and a knowledge exchange workshop.


Land Management; Land Rights; Land Use Policy;Legislation; Spatial Development

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