Analytical resolution on Unsteady nanofluid flow problem between two parallel plates a solution by using a Semianalytical Method


  • AMINE EL HARFOUF ultan Moulay Slimane University of Beni Mellal, Polydisciplinary Faculty of Khouribga, Research Team of Energy, Materials, Atomics and Information Fusion,
  • A. Wakif 2 and
  • S. Hayani Mounir



Key words, Heat transfer, Squeezing flow, nanofluid, Homotopy Perturbation method, RK4.


Theme : Heat transfers, fluid mechanics.

Abstract: In this current work, the heat transfer analysis for the unsteady squeezing flow of a viscous nanofluid between two parallel plates considering Fourier heat flux model have been explored. The partial differential equations representing flow model are reduced to nonlinear ordinary differential equations by introducing a similarity transformation. The dimensionless and nonlinear ordinary differential equations of the velocity and temperatures functions obtained are solved by employing The Homotopy Perturbation Method (HPM). The results found in this peper are verified by comparing it with the results obtained using the numerical method RK4, The results obtained are agree with this numerical solution. The effects of different parameters on the velocity and temperature profiles are examined graphically, and numerical calculations for the skin friction coefficient and local Nusselt number are tabulated. It is found an excellent agreement in the comparative study with literature results.