Performance of different silicon PV technologies installed in Laâyoune –Morocco

Lotfi Hicham, L. Boughamrane, D. Izbaim


The results presented in this paper concerned a comparative and performance analysis of three PV technologies Monocrystalline (2kWp), Polycrystalline (1.82kWp) and Amorphous (1.55kWp). These technologies are linked together and formed a grid connected station of total capacity 5.365kWp that is located on the roof of the High School of Technology-Laâyoune-Morocco. The analyses of this installation was made by determining the performance, productivity, performance ratios and yields of three PV technologies for one year, from March 2018 to February 2019. Parameters like annual specific yield, annual capacity and performance ratio were evaluated and found to be 1876.37kWh/kWp/year, 21.42%, and 81.83%, for Polycrystalline, 1405.51kWh/kWp/year, 16.12% and 57.92% for Monocrystalline and 1865.81kWh/kWp/year, 21.31% and 80.03% for Amorphous


Photovoltaic, annual specific yield, annual capacity, performance ratio..

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ISSN: 2509-2065

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