Monitoring of the water’s quality of Moulouya River: main tributary of Hassan II dam (Province of Midelt, Morocco)

M. Chahboune, A. Chahlaoui, A Zaid, S Mehanned, A Ben Moussa


The Watershed of Hassan II dam contains a fairly well developed river system, including the Moulouya River and Ansegmir River whose flows are almost permanent. This watershed drains an area of ​​3300Km ² and it is subject to anthropogenic disturbances that can have a negative effect on the quality of water supplied to the dam whose health is affected by the intrinsic characteristics of the watershed. Indeed, Moulouya receives throughout its headwaters domestic discharges from local populations and pollutants from agriculture developed throughout the valley of the upstream part of the wadi. The objective of this work, spread over the period from September 2011 to August 2012, is to monitor the physico-chemical quality of water of Moulouya river at a station situated just in upstream of the confluence river-lake of the dam, eventually leading to an estimate of the quantity and quality of pollution injected by this River in the Hassan II dam. It shows that the average concentrations of total suspended solids, total phosphorus and nitrate (expressed as nitrate ion) in water injected into the dam, were in the range of 39.21 mg/L, 212.83 mg/L and 6.23 mg/L respectively.


Moulouya River, Watershed, Water, Hassan II dam, Morocco.

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