Journal of Applied Surfaces and Interfaces


Journal of Applied Surfaces and Interfaces (JASI) is a peer reviewed international journal devoted to the publication of papers dealing with the application of surfaces and interfacial phenomena. The journal is concerned with high quality scientific research papers in all experimental and theoretical aspects (including modelling) of surfaces and interfaces of materials with significant applications in energy, environment, food, health. Criteria for publication in JASI are novelty, quality and current interest. Contributions must be in English and must not have been published elsewhere or simultaneously submitted for publication to any other journal.


Call for papers

We are pleased to announce that the new open access journal JASI is now open for submissions.

JASI welcomes research works falling into the following subjects:

• Engineering, modification and functionalization of nanostructured materials
• Physico-chemical characterization of solids, especially textural and morphological
• Theoretical calculations/modelling on surfaces and interfaces
• Diffusion in the porous materials
• Surface reactivity of materials related to adsorption and heterogeneous catalysis
• Electrochemistry at surfaces, electrocatalysis and corrosion protection strategies
• Surface science applied to energy storage,conversion and utilization.
• Surface reactivity for environmental protection and pollution remediation
• Smart applications of surfaces and interfaces
• Biomaterials and nanomedicine
Authors should prepare their manuscripts according to the guide for authors and the submission can be made via the Online Submission System. For any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Editor-in-Chief, at the following e-mail addresses:


Vol 4, No 1-3 (2018): In Progress

Table of Contents

H. Es-soufi, H. Bih, L. bih, M. Azrour, B. Manoun, P. Lazor