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Dans le cadre de la valorisation et la diffusion de la production scientifique marocaine, l’IMIST - CNRST, lance le projet « EDITION ELECTRONIQUE DES REVUES SCIENTIFIQUES MAROCAINES ». Ce projet consiste à prendre en charge, par l’IMIST, le processus de mise en ligne des revues scientifiques ( nouvelles ou déjà existantes ) éditées par les chercheurs marocains et l’archivage de leurs contenus. L’objectif étant de rendre la production scientifique marocaine visible et accessible à l’échelle nationale et internationale.
Les éditeurs des revues scientifiques marocaines intéressés par l’édition/ ou la conversion de leurs revues en format électronique sont priés de remplir le formulaire et de l’envoyer par mail à
Pour plus d’information, prière de contacter l’Institut Marocain de l’Information Scientifique et Technique.









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International Journal of Medicine and Surgery


International Journal of Medicine and Surgery (IJMS) is a semesterely Open Access peer-reviewed journal, published by Mediterranean BioMedical Journals, which aims to publish original works of high quality written in English, covering different medical and surgical specialties.

IJMS was launched in 2013, and is registered under ISSN: 2336-0313.

IJMS is abstracted and indexed by Google Scholar, J-Gate, CNKI, and Academic Search.

International Journal of Multi-disciplinary Sciences


The International Multi-disciplinary Journal of Sciences ISSN: 2421-9606 (Online) published all the scientific work including: original research papers/ Manuscript from the researches scholars and academicians. Manuscripts submitted must be original in nature and not currently sent to any other journal, The International Journal of Multidisciplinary Sciences is designed for the prompt publication of peer-reviewed articles in all areas of sciences specially life sciences, physical sciences, agriculture sciences, engineering and technology. The journal articles will be accessed freely online. All manuscripts are pre-reviewed, and are critically reviewed before they are published.

International Journal of Scientific Research and Innovation

The International Journal of Scientific Research and Innovation (IJSRI) is an influential international journal publishing significant new experimental and theoretical results of sciences research. Topics covered in IJSRI are diverse, reflecting the most current applied sciences research, and include areas of particular emerging interest. Content is published online and collected and printed in issues (3 issues per year).
IJSRI offers Research papers, describing investigations of Applied Mathematics, Physics and Modeling, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Engineering of New Information and Communication Technology, Embedded systems, energy and power, Governance, Management and organization.

IJSRI is published by the Moroccan Centre of Polytechnics Researches and Innovation (CMRPI).