Biological effects of background radiation and their risk of humans

Basim Almayahi, L. S. Zyughir, A. A. Jaafar, B. A. Almayahi


Background: Exposure rate measurements of the natural background radiation are found in some selected locations at the university of Kufa in Najaf city, Iraq. Materials and Methods: The experimental results of this study are found using a G-M survey meter [SEI Inspector EXP (Digital Radiation Detector, USA)]. Two radioactive sources (137Cs and 60Co) are used to calibrate the GM tube exposure rate meter. Results: The most frequently recorded readings of the gamma-ray dose rate were observed between 74 and 93 nGy h-1. The absorbed dose rates are found to be from 55 nGyh-1 at Science College (Chemistry Store) to 189 nGy h-1 at Science College (Classroom) (mean= 99 nGyh-1). Conclusions: Meanwhile, absorbed dose rates of background radiation are fell within the range reported in other listed regions worldwide. This finding indicates that selected locations in the present study have normal values and may not be harmful and have not biological effects on people in this region. The university of Kufa classified as an area of normal background radiation.

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