Structural, morphology of strontium ferrites doped by (Ni2+,Cu2+ and Co2+) and Method for Preparation of Nano size SrMxFe2-xO4 Using Egg White

Bouazza TBIB, Abdelghafour ELMOUTARAJJI, Mohammed EDDYA, Abdelali LAARAJ


SrMxFe2-xO4 nanomaterials (with x = 0.5 and M= Ni2+, Cu2+ and Co2+) have been prepared using a combination method of solgel. Preparation of material was carried by dissolving nitrate salts of iron, nickel, copper and cobalt in egg white solution and then the sample was stirred roughly using magnetic stirrer. The sample was subjected to calcination treatment, subsequently characterized using the techniques of X-Ray diffraction ,the SEM has the choice to analyze at selected point locations on the sample and useful in qualitative analysis at distributions of chemical compositions with EDS function.


Nanomaterial, Sol-gel, calcination, X-Ray diffraction, qualitative, EDS function.

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