Elaboration and Characterization of material in phosphate for anticorrosion

Bouazza TBIB, Mohammed EDDYA, Abdelghafour ELMOUTARAJJI, Abdelali LAARAJ


The new titanium oxyphosphate Zn0.4Co0.1TiPO5 has been prepared by solid-state reaction. Its structure has been determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction. The compound crystallizes in the monoclinic system,S.G:P4/mmm a=9.0268(1)A˚, b=9.0268(2)A˚, c=5.7167(3)A˚,α=β=γ=90°, The structure can be described as a network of very distorted TiO6 octahedral, in which the Ti4+ ions are displaced from the centers of the octahedral, and slightly distorted PO4 tetrahedral. Co and Zn atoms occupy half of the octahedral cavities. The other half of octahedral sites is vacant and favorable for the electrochemical insertion of lithium.


Anticorrosion; oxyphosphate, X-ray diffraction and electrochemical

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