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Author Guidelines

Submission of articles

Download the template

Download the template

Any article subjected for publication to the Moroccan journal of engineering sciences must be sent to the e-mail address of the Editor: or ·The author or all the authors, for a work, collective, will have to guarantee that their text is not subjected to another newspaper or to another journal with the aim of publication and to affix their names and signatures on a document to part.

· An already published text will automatically be refused.

· The writing can make the decision to refuse a manuscript if he does not correspond to the editorial line.



The authors have to respect the international standards of the various disciplines established for the list, the symbols, the abbreviations, the sizes and the units of the international system.

Summaries and keywords

They must be necessarily joined to the article.

  • Abstracts: are in French or in English
  • Keywords: (minimum 5 terms) presented in order of the text are in French or in English.
  • Text: 2 to 10 published pages maximum
  • Figures, tables, images or illustrations (limited to 10).

· The article has to contain a title with relief putting of the handled theme.

· The names of the authors have to be in small letters, preceded by their whole first names and with the complete address of the laboratory, of the center or the establishment where were realized their works.

For a collective work, indicate the name of the corresponding author and his e-mail address. The number of quoted co-authors is limited to 5.

Tables, figures and images Numbered in Arabic numerals and contain a title

  • Notes

They are accepted at the bottom of corresponding pages with a redirection number in the text do not use the tool "footnotes".

  • Points to be held: The end of the article, Draft a box with the main points to hold (5 items).

References and bibliography

The bibliographical references follow the standards of Vancouver. They are worn at the end of article, numbered according to the order of quotation and call in the text. All the references must be called in the text: the number of the quoted bibliographical reference is mentioned between [hooks]. The references of articles appeared in a periodical have to contain the first three authors with the initials of the first names (followed of " and al. " Possibly), the complete title of the article in the original language, the name of the journal according to the abbreviations of the Index Medicus, the year, the number of the volume, the number of the part, the first one and the back page abbreviated by the text, according to the following example.

[1]  A. El Jazouli a, B. Tbib a, A. Demourgues b, M. Gaudon b,*, Structure and colour of diphosphate pigments with square pyramid environment around chromophore ions (Co2+, Ni2+, Cu2+):Dyes and Pigments 104 (2014) 67-74.

The quotations of books have to contain the names of the authors, the title of the book, the city, and the name of the publishing house and the year of publication, according to the following example.

[2] Gurman AS, Kniskern DP. Family therapy outcome research: knows and unknows. In: Gurman AS, Kniskern DP, editors. Handbook of family therapy. New York:Brunner/ Maazel;1981.p.742-775.

Limit itself to 50 references at the most

Links of interest the journal follows the international practices relative to the links of interest in touch with the subdued publications. For any submission of manuscript, all the authors have to declare all the relations, which can be considered as having a link of interest with the presented text.

Seen again by the peers

Texts will be accepted only having been given to the approval of several experts assessors.

Specific columns

The authors have to conform to the recommendations and:

  • limit their text to 4 published pages
  • limit itself to 40 references maximum.

Clinical case

The authors have to conform to the recommendations and:

  • supply a court summarized in French or in English
  • limit their text to 4 published pages
  • limit itself to 10 references maximum

Bio Quiz Rubric

Presented on both sides. No wanted summary. For the writing, the authors owe · indicate the concerned "discipline". · propose a title · in first side: to present the clinical situation, the images, the numbered questions, reference authors. · In reverse: answers to the questions and the explanations, "to know more about it" éventuellement Biology pluridisciplinaire this column obeys the same rules as the scientific articles of the case. The authors thus have to conform to the recommendations clarified above, for:-the terminology; - summaries and keywords; - texts; - table, figures or images; - the bibliographical references;



As integral part of the process of submission, the authors have to make sure of the conformity of their submission with all the following elements, and the submissions can have returned to the authors who are not in accordance with these directives.

The submission was not published already, and it is not at present considered by another journal (or an explanation was supplied in Comments to the writer).

The text in compliance with the stylistic and bibliographical requirements described in Directives to the authors, who is in "About the magazine".


Names and e-mails seized in the site of this magazine will be exclusively used in the purposes indicated by this magazine and will be of use to no other one.