The Results of Conservative Approaches for Pulmonary Hydatid Cysts.

Fouad Atoini, Aziz Ouarssani, Mounia Serraj, Yassine Ouadnouni, Mohammed Smahi.


Pulmonary hydatid cysts remains a public health problem in Morocco. We present the results of the conservative methods for treating the pulmonary hydatid cysts in 56 patients including the giants forms (≥ 10 cm) and the complicated cases. 71 cystectomies, one pericystectomy and one wegde resection realized by thoracotomy. There were 33 men and 23 women. The median age was 25 years (range 8-64 years). The lower lobes were affected in 72%. Hepatic cysts were associated in 13 patients (23%). The median duration of postoperative drainage was 6 days (range 2-48 days) and the median duration of hospitalization was 9 days (range 5-28 months). The median duration of follow-up was 15 months (range 3-46 months). Univariate analysis did not reveal significance when we compared the postoperative course according to the localizations on the lungs, the nature of the cysts, the presence of infection and the size of cysts. The conservative approaches, mainly cystectomies area safe and effective method for lung hydatid cysts, if the closure of the bronchial fistulas is well performed, that the capitonnage is adapted to the size of the residual cavity, and its location in the lung to avoid bronchial torsion and deformation. We suggest this technique for the management of lung hydatid cysts, outside the cases of significant destroyed pulmonary parenchyma mainly thus located on the middle lobe. We believe that lobectomy must be taken very carefully, mainly in infant and the older patients. 


Cystectomy, Hydatid Cyst, Lung, Results, Surgery.

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