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Journal of Medical and Surgical Research (ISSN: 2351-8200) is a scholarly peer-reviewed open access journal interested in  clinical, medical and surgical fields up to molecular levels. Journal of Medical and Surgical Research (JMSR) is published three times a year. The journal aims to facilitate exchange among scientists and health care professionals to improve the practice of medicine and support development in all areas of Health Sciences.

Call for papers

Call for Papers for Special Issue: Transitions of Modeling and Simulation Advances in Healthcare to Clinical Practice

Vol. III, N°2 (December, 2016)

Table of Contents


Digestive Endoscopy in Morocco: What Future Perspectives? PDF
Professor Adil Ibrahimi (Dean of Medical School of Fes) 255

Correspondence Article

Greater Trochanter Tuberculosis : MRI Findings PDF
My Youssef Alaoui Lamrani, Badreddine Alami, Hassan El Fattach, Meriem Boubbou, Said Boujraf, Mustapha Maaroufi 256- 257

Case Report

Juvenile Granulosa Cell Tumor: a Neo-natal Revelation. PDF
Aboubacar Sidiky N'DIAYE, Yahdi Viche, Nadia Cherradi, Rachida Dafiri 258- 260
Gastric Schwannoma: Case Report and Review of The Literature PDF
Wadie Sabbar, Ouijdane Zamani, Youssef Omor, El Amine Ratbi, Anass Majbar, Farid Sabbah, Mohamed Ahallat, Nabil Moatassim Billah 261- 264

Mini Review

Update of The Recommendations for HER2 Status Determination in Breast Cancers : ASCO/CAP 2013 and GEFPICS 2014 PDF
Hafsa Chahdi, Mohamed Allaoui, Adil Boudhas, Mohamed Tbouda, Mohamed Reda El Ochi, Amal Damiri, Abderrahmane Al Bouzidi, Mohamed Oukabli 265- 266

Research Article

Impact of Aortic Valve Replacement on Left Ventricular Remodeling in Patients with Severe Aortic Stenosis and Severe Left Ventricular Dysfunction PDF
Abderrahmane Bakkali, Imad Jaabari, Rochde Sayah, Koulekey Dadji, Mahdi Ait Houssa, Mohamed Laaroussi 267- 274
Long-Term Results of Percutaneous Management of Liver Hydatid Cysts: - Experience of a University Hospital in Endemic Region – PDF
Younès Cherradi, Rajaa Afifi, Wafaa Khannoussi, Mohammed Firwana, A Rahaoui, Mustapha Benazzouz, Abdellah Essaid 275- 281
Endoscopic Treatment of Gastroduodenals Varices by Chemical Glue Mixed with Glucose Serum PDF
Asmae Séjai Lamine, S. Adadi, Ihsane Mellouki, Mounia El Yousfi, Nourdin Aqodad, Mohamed El Abkari, Adil Ibrahimi, Dafr-Allah Benajah 281- 285
Renal Biopsy in Lupus Nephropathy: General Features and Preditors of Bad Prognosis. PDF
Mikou Souad, Tarik Sqalli, Mohammed Arryhani 286- 295

Clinical picture

Monoamniotic Twin Pregnancy Discordant for Fetal Anencephaly with Umbilical Cord Entanglement: a Striking Picture. PDF
Imane Khachani, Rachid Bezad 296- 296

ISSN: 2351-8200